What to expect in a session….

In our sessions, we use to tune into your unique energy field, uncovering the often deeply-rooted negative beliefs and patterns that have woven themselves into your life story, often since childhood.

These patterns can keep you stuck in a less-than-optimal state of being. We’ll work hand-in-hand to unearth those limiting beliefs and patterns, replacing them with vibrant, positive ones that resonate coherently with your true self.

What Type of Session Should I Book?

All sessions are the same price.  When Leigh works with you she will check to see what’s needed to shfit the problem.   New Client Sessions allow a little extra time for education and answering questions.  


Sessions From the Comfort of your Home


Sessions are held throughout the United States via Zoom.  Sessions are 60 minutes in length for adults and 30 minutes for children/teens.  Prior to your session Leigh will be in contact for a new client consultation.