Energy Clearing

You already understand energy clearing, just in a different context!  Think about your home.  What would it look like if you did not take out the trash, get rid of the things that no longer served you and kept everything that wasn’t even really yours? Clearing the energetic system is a regularly overlooked, yet vital component to our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health!

Just let it go…  But how do you actually do that?  Energy clearing sessions are guided sessions that identify blockages and teach you how to release what is no longer serving you.  Energy clearing sessions can include:

Running Your Energy

Learn how to run clean energy through a specific flow to both ground the body and nourish the chakras anad aura.

Release Emotions

Emotional energy builds up and can change our persepctive and habituated responses.  Learn to release patterns and go to reactivity.

Set Boundaries

Reset the nervous system! Unresolved fight-flight-freeze experiences can be reactivated continuously through similar present day experiences  Result?  Nervous system dysregulation, reactivation of highly charged emotions and a cascade of stress chemicals.

Return What's Not Yours

Go back in time!  Establish the developmental messages and needs that were not met at the appropriate stage of your development.  Calm the nervous system, create new neural pathways and transform the negative beliefs created by the perceptions of the earlier experience.

Set Your Chakras

Rebalance the the elements that affect awareness coherence, personal coherence and relationship coherence. Is timing off track?  Get distracted?  Wood element just might be out of balance…

Clear Unhealthy Ties

Every thought, organ and tissue down to the tiniest cellular structure has its own unique optimal frequency pattern.  Rebalance the freuqencies that cause pain dis-ease, or poor energy.

Balance Energy Patterns

Identify the charka involved with your situation.  Discover the charka qualities you need to be in resonance with and realign the frequencies for physical emotional mental harmony.

Repair the Biofield

Did you know that excessive talking, overexerising, even anger can indicate a disruption in the outward pulsation of energy?  Or a loss of sense of self, spacing out, or addictions can be an indicator of inward energy disruption?  Rebalance to take control of habits and continue personal growth.

From woo to woo hoo.  Understand energy clearing

There’s a spectrum of energy.  We”re used to working with the energy at the level of frequencies that we can pick up with the five senses.  We know that if we change the qualities of the energy in the body we change the biochemical signals etc.   Clearing is a way to raise the vibrational frequency so that we can have an influence of the physical body for healing creativity and a…

The Many Benefits of Energy Clearing!

  • Stress Reduction
  • Relationship Issues
  • Overcoming Trauma
  • Boosting Confidence

  • Managing Pain
  • Releasing Fears and Phobias
  • Career Advancement
  • Breaking Addictions
  • Improving Focus/Concentration
  • Preparing For Major Life Changes
  • Releasing Limiting Beliefs
  • Reacting in the Same Way
  • Low Energy
  • Feeling Drained
  • Feeling Defeated

Energy Clearing can be a standalone therapy or a complimentary therapy…

 Sessions can be a blend of Resonance Repatterning, Energy Clearing, and EFT/TFT customized to what would be most beneficial for you.  Your Practitioner will identify the modality through muscle checking.

Sessions From the Comfort of your Home

Sessions are held throughout the United States via Zoom.  Sessions are 60 minutes in length.  Prior to your session Leigh will be in contact for a new client consultation.