Using a foam roller before your workout can do so much more than simply release knots and tightness.  When used regularly it can

  • support detoxification by helping release toxins,
  • clear blockages, and
  • heal connective tissue that’s been damaged from repetitive movement

You can think of fascia as thin tissue connecting your muscles – it’s like a layer of saran wrap holding things together.  Healthy fascia is flexible and pliable.  But it can become hardened, knotted, and stiff due to injury, overuse, trauma, inactivity, etc.  

Using a foam roller regularly can help increase blood flow and lubricate tissues and organs, stimulate the lymphatic system, and over time reduce the appearance of cellulite.  

Typically foam rolling is done at the end of the workout as part of the cool down, but you can absolutely foam roll before your workout.

Foam rolling as a warmup is perfect – it gets blood flowing to the muscle and increases mobility. When force is applied to the connective tissue, the body brings in blood that carries vital nutrients such as glycogen and oxygen –  giving you a bit of a boost before you even begin! 


Don't Overdo It

Try not to spend a lot of time when you foam roll before your workout.  Keep it light and fairly quick to prevent fatigued muscles before you start your workout.  


Ease Up

Because you’ll be using the roller at the beginning of your workout, use a bit less pressure/intensity.  Definitely treat it as a warmup and go easy.  You can save the longer, more intensive work for post workout.  


Match Your Goals

Match your rolling to your workout routine.  If you’re doing a heavy leg day for example, spend your warmup time rolling those muscles and go lighter on the rest of the body during warmup.

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