Today we’re tackling the energy in your environment, particularly clutter and clearing your space. You might be wondering what clutter has to do with your health and weight loss? Well, everything. Clutter, by our definition is anything that prevents you from achieving the life you want to create. You can have clutter in your home, body, mind, relationships, and your work.

Clearing space means allows us to let go of stagnant, unwanted energy and make rooms for fresh vibrant new energy that can create a new momentum toward wellness.

In this article:

  •  How The Different Rooms in Your Home Affect Your Energy
  • How to Clear Each of Your Rooms
  • Using Color Therapy, Visibility and Fridge Detox to Aid Weight Loss Efforts
  • Which Room Affects Cellular Repair the Most
  • Tools:  What can you use to clear spaces that need a bit of well, deep cleansing let’s say…

Homes like people, have energy, or chi. Just as we’ve all instinctively felt when someone else’s negative energy entered our space, we also internalize the energy of our homes. A room that is clean, organized, and provides space to move, see, and think carries a very different vibe than a room that’s dirty, cluttered and chaotic. Your home affects your relationships with others in your family and your relationship with yourself.

Your environment is a direct outward reflection of what might be showing up internally for you. If you have clutter in specific areas, it can indicate stress in different areas of your life. 

Where Is Your Clutter Showing Up?

Take a few minutes and do a walk through of your home.
Look at each room with fresh set of eyes as if you are taking in each room for the first time.

How Does It Make You Feel?
Are There Piles?
What Am I Reacting To The Most?
How Long Has It Been This Way?
Is The Space Dirty?
Is It Unorganized?

Clutter Means Stuck Energy

Any type of clutter means energy isn’t flowing and we have stagnant chi. This might show up for you in:


  • Lackluster results
  • Fatigue
  • Procrastination
  • Poor decisions
  • Impulse control issues
  • Financial problems
  • Projects that never get finished

Where Is Your Clutter?

bedroom clutter

In the Bedroom:

  • Sleep Quality/Insomnia
  • Unable to Relax
  • Relationship Issues
desk space clutter

In The Office

  • Financial Challenges
  • Unable to Finish Projects
  • Unable to Focus
kitchen clutter

In The Kitchen

  • Health Issues
  • Weight Issues
  • Abundance/prosperity
laundry room clutter

In the Laundry Room:

  • Challenges in Planning
  • Procrastination
  • Low Energy
desk space clutter

In The Closet:

  • Self Image
  • Being Present
  • Holding On To Other People’s Energy
closet clutter

In The Living Areas:

  • Relationships
  • Unable to relax
  • Procrastination

Download The Complete 13 Page Guided Workbook

From fridge detox to color therapy to how to tackle each room, this guide will help you turn around your spaces in no time.